Friday, February 16, 2018

A Good Poet and A Good Poem

I aspire
to be
a Good Poet
helping people
figure out not only what matters in life,
but also why it matters.

I aspire
to dance up the ladder of understanding,
from information
 to knowledge
to wisdom.

Through symbol, metaphor, analogy, and association,
I seek to help my readers interpret information,
integrate it with their existing knowledge,
and transmute it into wisdom.

I strive to abide by high standards
 while exciting others
 to do likewise,
and even more.

A great poem
is not about providing information,
though it can certainly inform;
a great poem invites an expansion of understanding,
a self-transcendence.

More than that,
it plants the seeds for it
and makes it impossible to do anything
but grow a new understanding
of the world,
of our place in it,
of ourselves,
of some subtle or monumental aspect
of existence.

At a time when information is increasingly cheap and plentiful
and wisdom increasingly rare,
this gap is where
my value as a poet lives.

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