Wednesday, February 28, 2018


are fundamental to
just as ways to solve problems.

Curiosity, Doubt, Questioning
are not about finding answers,
but as ways
of staying in touch
with the Mystery of Life
and our Presence
in it.

Curiosity, Doubt, Questioning
do not expect answers,
certainly not quick superficial ones,
simply pondering,
simply wondering,
letting the mysteries
percolate, bubble, cook, ripen,
and move in and out of my awareness.

of all shapes and sizes
arise in life all the time,
from the trivial to the profound
to the overwhelming.

I strive to meet them with
Curiosity, Doubt, and Questioning
over and over and over again
with no timetable.

Curiosity, Doubt, and Questioning
are not so much about answers,
although they produce a lot of ideas
that look like answers.

Curiosity, Doubt, Questioning
are like sitting by the side of a stream
Listening to the water
flow over and around the rocks,
Listening and Watching
as an occasional leaf or twig
is carried along.

The Keys to truly Being
alive in the Mystery of Life
Curiosity, Doubt, Questioning.

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