Monday, February 26, 2018


Climbing the Mountain of Life,
I have learned
that no two paths up
are identical,
that all lead to the same point,
albeit hidden
by the Cloud of Unknowing,
and that I cannot take anyone
with me on my path.

Frequently in life,
the right way,
if there is a right way,
is not clear,
as the path
always provides room for free will,
for tension,
for controversy,
even for getting lost entirely,
hopefully temporarily.

The Path up the Mountain of Life
unfolds in each and every moment
that I am alive.

is a Way of Being,
a Way of Living,
a Way of Listening,
a Way
of Climbing the Mountain of Life
in Harmony
with things as they are.

often at very crucial times on the Climb,
I have no idea
where the Path leads.

Along the Way,
I may know something about where I am,
even knowing I am
lost, confused, enraged, and without hope
I can be trapped into believing too strongly
that I know exactly
where I am going and why.

The path often circles the mountain,
sometimes, even descending
before resuming the climb.

I often fall,
scrape my knees,
trip and fall,
hanging on by my fingernails for dear life.

I had to learn
that any self-serving ambition
or self-furthering agenda
is but a detour
up the Mountain,
requiring that I acknowledge
that I do not know as much as I thought.

Any attempt to stop and relax,
as in a mountainside cabin,
in a sense of achievement,
along the Way,
simply defers my ascent
the Cloud of the Unknowing.
To stop climbing
is a trap.

More about the Climb:

Though every path
up the Mountain of Life
is unique
and I cannot take another
on my path,
it is my responsibility
to help others
along the way.

I can do this by sharing my journey,
by providing some light
for others who are lost,
even by descending the Mountain a bit
to help those trapped or fallen.

As I stop on my journey up the Mountain
to rest,
to gather energy,
to reflect on
life’s lessons,
I must insure I leave my place of refuge
as I found it
so that others may use it to advantage.

Others may have paths
similar to mine,
journeying alongside me
for a short period of time
or even years.
Some sweetly beneficial encounters
with others
may even be once-in-a-lifetime events.

Though we each find a different path
up the Mountain,
none of us makes to the top
without help,
nor should we try to do so
without helping others.

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