Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Early Rising

Early Rising

The virtues for me
of rising early
have absolutely nothing to do with
cramming more hours of busyness into my day.

Just the opposite.

The virtues for me
of doing so
stem from the stillness and solitude
of the hour,
and the opportunity
to expand my consciousness,
to contemplate,
to simply Be,
purposefully not doing anything.

The hour’s peacefulness,
all contribute to making early morning
a special time for me,
in mindfulness.

If I can begin my day with mindfulness,
and inner peace,
my day has a much better chance
of flowing
out of my Being.

If I begin my day with mindfulness,
an inner calmness
and balance of mind
carry me through the day.

Rising early,
I remind myself
that things are always changing,
that good and bad things come and go,
and that I am capable
of a constancy, wisdom, and inner peace
with which to face
any condition that arises.

Though waking up each morning at 4AM
may seem a routine,
it is far from routine
as Mindfulness
is the very opposite of routine.

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