Friday, February 16, 2018

Eucharist as Communion

All my life as a Catholic,
 I believed in the Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
I have now come to realize that the very concept of presence
is necessarily relational,

The Catholic Church can defend the doctrine of the Real Presence
all they want,
but if people are not taught
how to be present to each other
in Communion,
there can be no Real Presence!

Catholics have spent too much history
trying to defend the How
and the If
and Who could do it
(transubstantiate the bread),
instead of simply learning how to be Present
(in Communion)
and to see God in each and every person.

Catholics have made it into magic
to be believed
instead of transformation to be experienced.

If there is no transformation
of people,
there is no transformation of the bread and wine.

Catholic hierarchy emphasizes the Priest transformer
 rather than the People transformed.

The Eucharist is supposed to be an encounter of the heart,
Communion with each other,
knowing God’s Presence
through our presence to each other.

In the Eucharist as Communion,
we move beyond mere words
and thinking with the rational mind
and go to that place where we don’t have to talk about the Mystery.

Jesus did not say,
Think about this more
or Stare at this
or Adore this;
He said, Eat, Drink!
It was to be an action
taken with friends and family,
in Love.

If we keep eating and drinking in the Mystery,
in Church,
or with Friends and Family
one day it will dawn on us in an undefended moment that,
My God, Jesus is present in each and every one of us,
even more so than a piece of bread.

Then we can henceforth trust and allow
what has been true since the first moment of our existence:
We are the Body of Christ.

We have dignity and power flowing through us
in our very existence,
and everybody else does too!
This is enough to steer and empower our entire faith life,
and outside of Church.

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