Friday, February 16, 2018


What is familiar to me
is not truly known
just because it is familiar.

When engaged in the process of knowing,
it is the commonest form of self-deception
 to assume something familiar is true
and to give assent to it for that very reason.

Knowledge of that sort
never gets off the starting block,
and has no idea that this is the case.

Subject and object,
and so on,
God, religion, church, doctrine, dogma, rules, and regulations
are uncritically presupposed as true
and something valid
because of their familiarity,
thus becoming fixed points
from which people start and return,
never venturing outside the familiar.

The process of knowing
flits between these apparently secure points,
and as a consequence
stays merely along the superficial surface.

Apprehending that way
consists simply in seeing whether what is said
corresponds to what is familiar
or not.

True understanding
requires that I demolish the familiar
and cease clinging to the fixed points of my opinions.

Our Father who art in heaven…

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