Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Path

My Path

I have left traditional religion.

I live in a time and space
where there is not,
nor ever can be
a timeless Creed
or a set of beliefs
that can endure forever.

I have already moved beyond
Institutional Church’s
creedal theology of the fourth century and
worship patterns of the thirteenth century,
which portray God
as one needing to be flattered
and as Judge,
before whom,
I am compelled to grovel on my knees.

But, I have Not moved
beyond a sense of reality and holiness
of an Infinite Other,

I have learned that
God and my experience of God
are not the same
and it seems to me
that the only appropriate way
of worshiping God,
as the Source of Life,
is to live life fully
in Love,
thus bearing witness to the reality of God
as Being-in-Love.
When I am able
to Love without considering
if the object of my Love
is worthy of it,
I think I make God

In Jesus,
I see a person
so fully alive in Love
that I see in Him
the Infinite Source of Life,
as Being-in-Love.

He was
that He was created to be,
an example
for all
to be who we were created to be,
in Love.

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