Saturday, March 31, 2018


We are all,
humans, trees, insects, birds, bacteria
 members of Life,
an integrated network.

This living network
is where ecological and evolutionary tension
between cooperation and conflict
are negotiated and resolved.

These struggles
often result not in the evolution of stronger,
more disconnected selves
but in the dissolution of the self into relationship.

Because life is network,
there is no nature or environment
separate and apart from humans.
We are part of the community of life,
composed of relationships with others,
 so the human/nature duality
of some philosophies and many religions
 is illusory.

We are not wayfaring strangers
traveling through this world,
nor are we the estranged creatures
fallen out of Divine Favor
by some original sin.

Our bodies and minds,
our Science and Art,
are as natural and wild as they ever were.

We cannot step outside life’s songs.
This music made us;
it is our nature
to dance the Cosmic Dance.

Our ethic must therefore be one of
an imperative made all the more urgent
by the many ways that human actions
are fraying, rewiring, and severing networks worldwide.

Listen to the trees,
nature’s great connectors,
and learn how to inhabit the relationships
that give life its source, substance, and beauty.

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