Saturday, March 31, 2018


Where is life leading?

There seems to be three stages in the development of human consciousness.

Early on we are given our identity
through law, tradition, structure, certitude, group ritual, clarity,
and chosenness.
It is helpful and easiest for us as children
if we can begin in this way.

Ideally, we first learn we are beloved
by being mirrored in the loving gaze of our parents
and others around us.
We realize we are special
and life is good,
and thus we feel safe.

 Loving people help us form a healthy ego structure
and boundaries.

Necessary suffering, stumbling blocks, and failures
 initiate us into a second part of life.
Prophetic thinking
is the capacity for healthy self-criticism,
the ability to recognize our own shortcomings, weaknesses,
dark side.

Without facing our own failures, suffering, and shadow,
most people never move beyond narcissism
and group thinking.
Healthy self-criticism helps us
realize we are not that good,
and our group is not the only chosen people.

It begins to break down our either/or, dualistic thinking
as we realize
all things are both good and bad.
This makes idolatry of anything
and war against anybody
much less likely.

The charism of prophecy,
honest self-criticism
in its deepest sense
has never been much sought after by most religious groups,
including the Roman Catholic Church.

The leaven of self-criticism,
added to the certainty of our own specialness,
allows us to move to the third section of life,
filled with wisdom, mystery and paradox.

We become strong enough
to hold together
contradictions in ourselves, others, and the universe.
And we do so
with compassion, forgiveness, and patience.

We realize that our chosenness
is for the sake of letting others know
they are chosen too!

We have to go through
a period of disruption and disordering.
What we first called order
is almost always too small and too self-serving.
The nexus point, the crossover moment,
is one that neither conservatives nor liberals like
or even understand.

It feels like folly,
but is absolutely essential
for true Spiritual Growth.

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