Saturday, March 31, 2018

Natural Law

I think we are gifted
with our deepest identity,
our True Self,
our unique blueprint
at conception.

Our unique little bit of Divinity
is installed by the Creator
at the beginning.

We are given a span of years to discover it,
to choose it,
and to live our own destiny to the full.

If we do not,
our True Self will never be offered again,
in our own unique form.

The discovery of our soul is crucial
and of pressing importance for each of us
and for the world.
We do not make or create our souls;
we just grow them up.

We are rather clumsy stewards of our own souls.
Much of our work
is learning how to stay out of the way
 of this rather natural growing
and awakening.

Whether or not we find our True Self
depends in large part
not so much on the moments of time we are each allotted,
but on the choices we make at those moments.
Life is indeed momentous,
created by accumulated moments
in which the True Self is slowly revealed
if we are ready to see and act on it.

Following our inner blueprint or soul
by humbly serving others
is indeed of ultimate concern.

Each thing and every person
must act out its nature fully,
at whatever cost.

This is our life’s purpose,
the deepest meaning of natural law.
We are here to give back freely
what was first given to us!

It takes all of our life to fulfill this calling.

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