Saturday, March 31, 2018


I simply got disgusted
with the preaching that I heard.
Why can’t a priest act himself,
be himself,
and think for himself?

It seems to me that naturalness is power;
that a borrowed word
is weaker than our own weakness,
however small we may be.

When I reach one's heart or head,
I know I reached it through my own,
and not from bigger hearts and heads
than mine.

I hold simple priests in holy reverence,
those who let us hear their truth,
even if that truth brings us grief.
We must face the light and not bury our heads in the earth.

I am hopeful that Wisdom,
sought for, on and on,
will reveal new ways in which God works,
and bring to us deeper revelations of the wholly unknown.

The physical and the spiritual often seem to be
separated by an impassable gulf;
but at any moment that gulf can be spanned,
 possibly by a new revelation of truth
shared by a simple priest.

I have a hunger for Wisdom,
but the more I can gain,
the more I desire;
the more I see,
the more I am capable of seeing.

Besides learning to see,
there is another art I am learning;
not to see what is not.

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