Saturday, March 10, 2018

Remaining Creative to the End

If I am to remain creative
to the end of my life,
I must maintain my abnormally keen awareness of life.
I can never grow complacent,
may never be satisfied,
must always doubt and question,
 living with and loving
the mystery of life
day and night.

I must continue to be shaken by naked truth
with my divine discontent,
my disequilibrium,
my state of inner tension
a source of creative energy.

Many have it only in their youth;
some lose it in middle life
with the dynamic tensions so powerful,
 they destroy creativity before spiritual maturity.

In these last years for me,
doubt has become knowing,
critical to my creativity.

 I don’t give in;
I insist on questioning,
watchfully and consistently doubting 
which has become one of my best resources
perhaps the most important of all
in life.

any in life
who never doubt,
who never question,
who simply live the answers
given them;
they have missed the point of it all.

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