Thursday, March 29, 2018


Rather than imposing
some general doctrine, dogma, rule, or regulation
on people in specific situations,
Jesus simply applied
Situational Ethics
bringing Love and Compassion
to those he encountered.

Instead of trying to build a church
from the top down
based upon some
general doctrines, dogmas, rules, and regulations
to be imposed on its believers,
Jesus was about
building community
from the bottom up,
based on Love and Compassion.

Saddled with a top-down
Church Hierarchical Structure,
Francis is trying to change it
from the bottom up,
simply ignoring (while not changing) its
doctrines, dogmas, rules, and regulations,
much to the dismay of those
who thrive on and within

He may or may not succeed.

Whatever happens to Institutional Church
need not affect our ability and willingness
to emulate Jesus
using situational ethics
with Love and Compassion.

By so doing,
we can help form the kind of Community
Jesus envisioned.

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