Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I have discovered an inner path that
leads from the unconscious within myself
to the imponderable and invisible in my earthly environment.

This path embraces me, as a poet, to the world
and as I walk this trail, I see the beauty of the earth,
hear its music,
sharing the Joy in my poetry.

Why do I see beauty all around me in the climb?

Is it not because I am a part of nature,
subject to nature’s laws,
and because we all have an unconscious insight
into the internal order of the earth,
the rhythm of its repetitions,
the harmony of its lines and surfaces
and the balanced interplay of its parts?

Does not my delight in the contemplation of nature
grow out of the harmony between the music of my own soul
and the music of the earth?

I live to do more than merely report and recite.
Though I may chart the scientist’s steep barren road of sober observation
and strict deduction,
I also travel a poet’s gentle road of contemplation and empathy.

Ultimately I find my own unique way,
a path of love and compassion,
which leads me away from cold sterile churches
 into the meadows and flower gardens of the living earth.

As part of the earth
I depend on its inorganic substance
and on the eternal change which it undergoes.

And as a child of the earth,
 I am a subordinate, dependent particle
 in its stream of life.

I strive to hear the music of the earth,
finding that the pleasure in its melodies
is much more than a light and gladsome enjoyment.

I find that the experience
furnishes me another and deeper understanding of the language
in which the world and its Creator speak to us.

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