Saturday, July 7, 2018


Why marry at all?
Is marriage outdated?
Does it serve some deep human need or purpose?
Does marriage have a Sacred function or meaning?
Can marriage
serve Love’s longing
for greater awareness, growth, truth?

Two people
joining their lives in marriage
are, in fact, engaging in a Sacred activity
because they are creating a cosmos in miniature,
where all the different sides of themselves,
personal and interpersonal
can be included.

Taking a marriage vow
creates a formal bond
establishing their relationship
as Sacred,
where all the elements of life
can interact
and find expression.

as a sacred microcosm,
invites in all of our chaos,
enabling us to draw upon
all our turbulent energies
as fuel for life’s journey.

Through marriage,
each person
honors the other’s wisdom and strength,
surrendering when the occasion calls for it.

Marriage is more than just some
worldly arrangement,
It is
a Sacred Path.

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