Sunday, July 29, 2018

My Faith Journey

I had to learn
that my Faith was not
mere intellectual beliefs.

As a roadmap for my life,
my Faith had to involve
my Heart
which only then would lead me
on a journey
of lived Spirituality.

Unless I lived in Love
with Compassion,
I’d be ignorant
of the living loving God,
no matter how often
I went to church
or how accurately I
recited the creed or catechism.

Opening my Faith
to all-merciful God
as Being-in-Love
was, for me,
a Conversion,
a Transformation,
not only intellectually,
Emotionally, Spiritually, Ecologically,

As Francis wrote,
once my mind AND my heart
turned with Compassion
towards all of Creation,
I felt intimately united
all that exists,

On this path,
I approach the natural world
with Awe and Wonder,
I realize that
Everything is Connected,
I develop a bond with Others,
and I Grow
in a deep sense of

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