Wednesday, July 4, 2018


does not descend
from something on high,
a deity
or heavenly paradise
existing up above somewhere.

is not something
added onto my life
through my special activities
or beliefs.

I do not have to
get religion
or be born again
to discover it.

Life itself
has its own natural
which seems to shine most brightly
when I get
out of the way.

In those moments
when I can step outside
the struggle between my self and other
and simply open myself to
what is,
I perceive
the natural sacred order
of earth, sky, life, death, mind, body, and heart
behind all the seeming chaos of the world.

When my windows of perception
are cleansed,
I appreciate the magnificence
of the whole play of reality
in which my self and other
are but provisional shifting
points of view.

My very existence is Sacred.

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