Friday, July 27, 2018

Seeing Others

Unless I am very careful,
I doom others
by holding on to images of them
based on my own preconceptions of them
some previous experiences with them.

This exhibits
a profound indifference
to who they really are.

I may claim autonomy for myself
while forgetting that in doing so,
I may fall into the tyranny
of defining others
as I choose to see them.

By focusing
on what I choose to acknowledge
in others,
I impose my own insidious control
on them,
at least, in my own mind.

So, to overcome this tyrannical trap,
I now strive to pay careful attention to others,
listening to them
with an openness
that allows them to be
as they are
as they think themselves to be.

I am learning that
the opposite of inattention is
and that my honoring others
in a way
that grants them
the grace of their own autonomy
results in
our mutual discovery and growth.

it seems,
one of the purest springs

(Anthony DeMello wrote,
If we could only see everyone and everything
as if we were seeing them for the first time.)

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