Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Art of Loving

Love is an art,
perhaps the most important art in Life.

To learn how to love
I had to proceed
in the same way I had to proceed to learn any art.

My learning took place into two parts:
one, the mastery of the idea;
the other, the mastery of the practice.

For even when I had theoretical knowledge,
I was by no means competent in the art.
I only began to truly Love
after a great deal of practice,
until eventually the results of my theoretical knowledge of Love
and the results of my practice Loving
were blended into
 my intuition,
the essence of its mastery.

But, aside from learning the theory and practicing Love,
 there is a third factor
necessary to my becoming a truly Loving person:
 Living in Love has to be for me
a matter of ultimate concern;
there must be nothing else in the world
more important.

Maybe, here lies the answer to the question
why people in today’s culture seem to so rarely learn the Art of Loving
in spite of our deep-seated craving and need for love.
Almost everything else is considered to be more important,
including success, prestige, control, money, security, and power.

 Almost all our energy is used to achieve these aims,
with almost none to learning the Art of Loving.

Those who profess to be Christian
have an ultimate guide in Jesus.

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